Lakeridge Labradoodles

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We are a small family run operation located in quintessential Northeast CT, situated on just over an acre overlooking Quinebaug Lake. Our love for labradoodles began five years ago with the purchase of Jackson. He was incredibly easy to train, his personality mimics that of a human and he is easy to love.

After years of research and hundreds of emails and phone conversations, Lakeridge Labradoodles began. Our goal is to strive to breed the highest quality Australian Labradoodles, with the health and temperament of our dogs being the utmost importance. Our goal with each litter is to produce service and therapy dog prospects.

We want to pass on our passion and share our love for the breed with other families so they too can fall in love. All of our breeding dogs are very carefully selected and extensively health tested to ensure we are offering the healthiest puppies for your family.

We are a proud member of the Australian Club of America (ALCA) which has the most rigorous standards of any organization. Whether you purchase from Lakeridge Labradoodles or another breeder, we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing from a breeder affiliated with ALCA. We recommend visiting the ALCA main site and reading the requirements of what it takes to become a breeding member of the organization.




Anyone who has met Sugar will tell you they felt an instant connection to her. She will be having one last litter for us this Winter with IvyLane Jumpin Jack Flash "Jack" before she goes into a well deserved retirement. The litter with be all solid dark chocolates ranging between 35-45 lbs. Sugar is the epitome of what we want to continue to produce. She is very gentle and children just flock to her and become attached very quickly. She is the perfect size and what we consider to be a small medium. She has enough reach that she is able to get in and out of vehicles, up and down stairs and run and play in our fenced in acre amongst the other dogs. We have thoroughly enjoyed watching her interact with some of our older puppies. Our puppy parents have reported back how wonderful their puppy has acclimated. We attribute this to her calm, easy going temperament.




Lucy is an incredibly nurturing addition to our program. She truly is the full package. We love her stride. It reminds us our how effortless a horse looks as it gallops. She is very well balanced, structurally pure perfection and is the most agile dog we have ever owned. Lucy can often be found playing with our older puppies or quietly grooming one of our other dogs. Lucy, just like all our dogs is so enjoyable to take for rides in the car and is an absolute dream on a leash. Her intelligence and her intuition always supersedes our expectations. Lucy loves to be loved and has amazing manners. We look forward to 2021 and know without a shadow of a doubt that Lucy will be a phenomenal Mother! Follow Lucy playing with our older puppies on our Facebook Page : Lakeridge Labradoodles where we strive to go live at least twice a week while we raise our litters!

Country Chasing Fireflies "Lucy"