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Sunsethills Tempt N Charms "Charlie"


Sunsethills Tempt N Charm "Charlie"


DAM: Tassies Chocolate Temptation

SIRE: Sunsethills Prince Charming

Sunsethills Tempt N Charm “Charlie” is an outstanding stud dog. His pedigree includes many champion ancestors and foundation dogs. He hass outstanding conformation, flawless correct sound movement, loose fleece coat, intuitive intelligence, and great temperament. Charlie is a proven producer of quality offspring including proven service and therapy dogs. Charlie hails from Sunsethills Australian Labradoodles, Australia.

Registration: E8100113501 Australian Labradoodle Association INC AU
ALCA n/a (Australian foundation lines imported from Australia)

Health Testing Information

AVA – Hip 0+1=1
OFA – Hips Excellent
PennHip – 80th % L .38 R .43
AVA – Elbows 0/0
Eyes – Normal AVA-ANKC Australia 01/2009
Eyes – CERF Normal 10/2010
PrcdPRA – Clear
VWD tpye I – Clear
vWD Factor – Normal 03/2011
Thyroid 07/2009
Thyroid 03/2011 – Normal (Dr. Jean Dodds)
b– Normal 07/2009 Normal 03/2011
DNA – Color Profile bbEe Carries chocolate cream and recessive for parti (does not carry the dilute color gene)
b– Normal
Patellas – Normal
Size – Standard Height 21″ 48 pounds
Coat – Fleece
Color – Chocolate (does not carry the dilute color gene)

Charlie has a full pawprint panel as well

Centronuclear myopathy – Normal
Cystinuria – Normal
Degenerative myelopathy – Normal
Exercise-induced collapse – Normal
Familial Nephropathy – Normal
Glycongen Storage Disease Vll PKF Deficiency – Normal
Myotubular Myopathy 1 – Normal
Narcolepsy – Normal
Neonatal Encephalopathy wih Seizures – Normal
Progressive Retinal Atrophy PrcdPRA – Normal
Von Willebrand Disease 1 – Normal

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Sunsethills Tempt N Charm "Charlie"